Technical data:

· Status: On display

· Category: Civilian

· Length: 6,68 m

· Wingspan: 10,2 m

· Height: 2,1 m

· Max weight: 681 kg

· Max speed: 200 km/t

· Max height: 4670 m

· Range: 1008 km


Cessna 150

The Cessna airplane manufacturers were 1958 marketing their new model 150. The type was a two-seat, high wing monoplane and soon became very popular. The first-year production numbered more than 700 of the type.

The Cessna 150’s soon were used as trainers, for patrol duties and for private and commercial use. The trainers could be flown both from the left as well as the right seat. The private and commercial types had better instrumentation, could carry more fuel and had improved vision from the cockpit.

Last year of production was 1977. By then as many as 23836 had been manufactured including 1754 built on licence in France.


You are welcome to try this aircraft in our exhibit. Sit in the cockpit and see how the steering affects the movement of the tail and wings.