Cold War museum

The Norwegian Aviation Museum has worked on Cold War research and collections for years. This work has resulted in a strong academic community and support for a new Cold War museum in Bodø.

Hangar 96

In September 2017, the Ministry of Culture issued a grant NOK 800,000 for work on preparing an outline for a Cold War museum in Bodø. The goal is to document Norwegian Cold War history and the unique history that largely took place in Bodø. The preferred location for the museum is Hangar 96, which is a unique nuclear-proof rock cavern facility built during the Cold War. If the museum becomes a reality, some form of link will likely be built with the Norwegian Aviation Museum, so that visitors easily can move between the two museums.

Bodø – a Norwegian hub

Our work going forward will focus on how Bodø can serve as a Norwegian hub on the topic of the Cold War, and how we can manage and document our history in a good way. This means that the Norwegian Aviation Museum will have to team up with various partners to meet the requirements established by the Ministry of Culture. The goal is for the museum to be ready by 2024.