Technical data:

· Status: On display

· Category: Military

· Length: 19,52 m

· Wingspan: 31,72 m

· Height: 6,5 m

· Max weight: Tom: 9485 kg Lastet: 16066 kg

· Max speed: 288 km/t

· Max height: 4500 m

· Range: 4100 km


Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina

Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina is an amphibian, maritime patrol aircraft from the United States.

The first contract regarding the construction of the PBY-1 Flying Boat was signed on June 29, 1935. As production increased, the aircraft was modified, involving such changes as a more powerful engine, armaments, arms carrying facilities, etc. The PBY-5 was given the famous “blisters” on the side of the fuselage behind the wings, and the rudder was given the design that is characteristic of the PBY-5 and PBY-5A.

Catalina in Norway
The first Catalina in Norwegian service was a PBY-5B Flying Boat assigned to 1477(N) Flight, which later became 333 Squadron. 330 Squadron also flew Catalinas for a while. Their missions consisted of U-boat reconnaissance patrol and trips to the coast of Norway with personnel and equipment. After World War II, the Airforce used this type of aircraft for transport and rescue operations, for herring searches, and even for mine hunts. In the autumn of 1953, 333 Squadron received 6 new PBY-5a Amfibium aircraft. These were in service until 1961. By then, the Catalina had been in Airforce service for almost 20 years!