Technical data:

· Status: On display

· Category: Civilian

· Length: 4,8 m

· Wingspan: 10,4 m

· Height: 2,1 m

· Max weight: 185 kg

· Max speed: 90 km/t

· Range: Glidetall 1:10


Grunau 9

Grunau 9 is an Germany glider.

Interest in gliders increased considerably in the early 1930’s. Aero clubs were formed all over the country, and many of them obtained the blueprints for the German Grunau 9.

Grunau 9 at the museum
The Museum’s Grunau 9, LN-GAH, was built by Jeløy Glider Club between 1938-40, and was registered for the first time in March 1940. In the summer of 1950, the club’s headquarters were situated at the old Rygge airfield. A winch was used to launch the aircraft. The Airforce school of aviation was also located at Rygge, and many of the student pilots took the opportunity of trying their hands at gliding.

The LN-GAH broke down on September 20, 1959, and was removed from the register in 1960 and stored in a barn in Gudbrandsdalen. Bodø Aviation History Society (Bodø Luftfartshistorisk Forening) later took over and restored it for display at the Norwegian Aviation Museum.