Technical data:

Length: 7,75 m

Wingspan: 8,80 m

Height: 3,15 m

Max weight: 850 kg

Max speed: 154 km/t

Max height: 3300 m

Range: 550 km· Status: On display



I.S.K Saaskii “Måsen”

Gidsken Jakobsen came from Narvik and was the second female pilot in Norway. She is considered one of the strongest personalities in Norwegian aviation and was a woman who defied both gender stereotyping and geographical barriers.


Jacobsen obtained her flying licence at the age of 20 and came top of her course of ten trainees. Later she was a founder, manager and part owner of three aircraft operating companies. Gidsken was also known as a fearless aviator and was the first to fly the length of Norway, from Narvik to Horten. The 25-day flight in “Måsen”, in challenging winter weather, made her both famous and infamous.

Gidsken bought her first aircraft, the Sääski II, in Finland in 1929 and that marked the start of Nord-Norges Aero. The company was in operation from 1929 until 1936 and Gidsken Jakobsen owned several aircraft during this period.

The aircraft

The Osakeyhtiö Sääski aircraft factory was established in 1928 to develop and manufacture the light sports and training aircraft, Sääski. The constructors were K. W. Berger and A. Järvinen. After the first aircraft was completed by a hired workshop, production was moved to the Finnish Government aircraft factory, I.V.L. The Finnish aircraft industry was struggling in 1929. Production of the Sääski was a crisis measure to keep people in work. The Finnish Air Force was, in practice, I.V. L's only customer. The Finnish Air Force purchased a number of aircraft for training purposes and the customs authorities used the Sääski to control the border towards the Baltic Sea.

The Sääski was specially designed for flying in places where a wheeled undercarriage could only be used sporadically, so the aircraft was normally fitted with floats or skis. In Jane's (1929) it states that the skis were of a completely new design, patented by Osakeyhtiö Sääski. The aircraft could also rapidly be converted into an air ambulance.

The Museum's Sääski

The Museum's Sääski is a copy of Jakobsen's aircraft, "Måsen”. The replica was built at the Museum by Ivan Kristiansen and Halvor Nilsen between 1997 and 2004, based on drawings and photographs from museums in Finland.



Måsen" is an icon, because it belonged to Gidsken Jakobsen, a prominent female personality in Norwegian aviation history

The first aircraft to fly the length of Norway