Looking forward to start summer guiding


Our lovely guides are getting ready for the summer season as we speak. From the 1th of july we offer free guided tours of the museum hourly every day of the week, to ensure you have a great experience with us.

Our guides will give you a tour of the highlights of the museum and give you back stories that will bring history to life. The tours are free of charge, you only pay the standard entrance fee. At the moment we offer tours in norwgian and english , but we hope to include more languages in the future.

Enjoy getting to know how the aviation was a huge part of building the Norwegian nation, how the second world war changed airforces and the development of aircrafts, and last but not least hear about the dramatic events of the cold war. Helene, our seasoned guide is looking forward to seein you at the museum.

Guided tours:

1th july- 11th of august

On the hour, every hour from 10-17

Tina Andersen