Technical data:

· Status: On display

· Category: Military

· Length: 14,38 m

· Wingspan: 7,70 m

· Height: 4,01 m

· Max weight: 9333 kg

· Max speed: Mach 1,46/1489 km/t i 36.000 ft.

· Max height: 15790 m

· Range: 2250 km m/dropptanker


Northrop F-5A/RF-5A Freedom Fighter

Northrop F-5A/RF-5A Freedom Fighter are light multi-role fighter/reconnaissance aircratf from the United States.

The first F5A took off from Edwards Air Force Base on July 31, 1963. The Northrop aircraft factory built altogether 617 F-5A and 183 F-5B aircraft. In the late 1960’s, they also built the RF-5A photo reconnaissance plane. When the Norwegian Airforce decided to replace its F-86 Sabres, the Northtop F-5 was chosen as its successor. Norway purchased altogether 108 F-5’s, 78 F5-A’s, 14 F-5 B’s and 16 RF 5-A’s. These aircraft put in almost 35 years of service in the Air Force, during which they underwent a number of upgrade programmes. 336 Squadron at Rygge Air Base was the last division to use the F-5, and the planes were withdrawn from active service in the summer of 2000.

The museum has two Freedom Fighter aeroplanes in its collection.