Technical data:

  • Designed year / first flight: 1994/1994

  • Produced: 1994

  • Production: Foldereid in North-Trøndelag

  • Designer/engineer: Torstein Reinfjell

  • Number produced: 1

  • Crew/passengers: 1 pilot

  • Top speed: unknown

  • Max altitude: unknown

  • Motor: Subaru 1600, 4-cylinder

  • Rotor system: modified Jet Ranger / Hughes Heli

  • Undercarriage: Mercedes

  • Tail: parts from a microplane


Reinfjell Experimental

Reinfjell is home-built Norwegian helicopter, a Heath Robinson-like contraption straight out of the magical workshop of author Kjell Aukrust's fictional inventor, Reodor Felgen.

The helicopter was constructed and assembled by engineer Torstein Reinfjell, from Foldereid in Nord-Trøndelag. The whole thing was a trial project in order to see whether using his own theories and ideas he could build a usable helicopter at reasonable cost. The helicopter is made up of boat, car and aircraft parts.

The construction was successful and the helicopter was flown with good results. It has been airborne several times and was demonstrated on the Norwegian Broadcasting System's programme “Norge rundt" ('Around and about in Norway') in 1994. The trial project was concluded in 1999 and the helicopter was donated to the Norwegian Aviation Museum.



“The Reinfjell is special because it is unique, and because you can see from the outside how the helicopter is built"

Curator Michael Lofthus.


Built with household materials and constructed by an amateur civilian.