Technical data:

· Status: On display

· Category: Military

· Length: 11,6 m

· Wingspan: 10,9 m

· Height: 3,9 m

· Max weight: 8172 kg

· Max speed: 960 km/t

· Max height: 13725 m

· Range: 1600 km m/ekstratanker


Republic F-84G Thunderjet


  • Thunderjet

The F-84 Thunderjet first flew in February 1946 and large numbers were supplied to the American Air Force (USAF). Among other operations, the aircraft was in action during the Korean War where it proved effective in attacks on ground targets. In the 1950s the American authorities supplied F-84E and F-84G aircraft to a number of countries both within and outside NATO. When production stopped in 1953 a total of 4,457 aircraft had been built. Of these, 3,025 were the G model.

The Thunderjet was the aircraft type that the RNoAF has had in largest numbers. Between September 1951 and May 1955, Norway received six F-84Es and 200 F-84Gs as part of the NATO Military Assistance Program. Six squadrons were established with Thunderjets. The F-84E was used by the photo-reconnaissance flight that formed part of 338 Squadron. In July 1960 the last F-84G was taken out of service and the F-86 Sabre took over.

The Royal Norwegian Air Force Museum’s F-84G Thunderjet has the serial number 52-8465 and came to Norway in October 1953. The aircraft served in both 330 and 331 Squadrons before being transferred to 338 Squadron at Ørlandet where it was given the registration letters MU-P. The aircraft was taken out of service in April 1960 after 1,048 hours’ flying time.

MU-P’s fuselage is in unvarnished aluminium with RNoAF roundels on the top and bottom wing surfaces, as well as on each side of the fuselage behind the wings. The serial number is painted in black behind the roundels on the fuselage. A black ring with a yellow lightning flash on both sides is painted around the air intake. The tail fin has a black field with a lightning flash in yellow and the aircraft’s letter “P” above it in black. Some of the fuselage panels are replaced with plexiglass in order to show the aircraft’s construction and technical equipment.