The Norwegian Aviation Museum is a centre of expertise in the field of aviation history.

We are continuously working to improve our knowledge of Norwegian aviation history and to communicate this knowledge to a wider audience. Research carried out at the museum primarily seeks to study the effect of aviation on the development of Norwegian society over the last 100 years. Why did we start flying? How did commercial air traffic establish itself in Norway, and how did this affect modern Norwegian society financially, socially and culturally? How did aviation affect and change Norway’s standing in terms of security policy, and what kind of consequences did it have on the development of Norwegian society? What are the consequences to Norway of the air becoming a key combat ground?

“The Norwegian Aviation Museum has the Cold War as one of its primary focus areas, and we want to improve the research carried out in this field.”

Research is an important part of the Norwegian Aviation Museum’s activities. In addition, aviation history is a field where research is a little limited. We have major challenges ahead, and we cannot solve them alone. That is why we have teamed up with other institutions both in Norway and abroad, and we encourage other research institutions and researchers to choose aviation as their field of research. If your secret dream is to become a researcher, there are tons of exciting research opportunities waiting for you in Norwegian aviation history!