The Norwegian Aviation Museum has a restoration department and workshop. The team aims to secure and restore important historical objects to add to our collection. The aircrafts are restored with the joint effort between local volunteers and enthusiasts, and aircraft communities in Norway and around the world.

The museum works closely with the foundation “Bodø Luftfartshistoriske Forening” and they contribute to a large part of the restoration workload and expertise.

Current Project

Project Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-2/R6 “Yellow 3”

Serial no.: 14649

We are currently working on the restoration of a very intriguing aircraft – the German fighter plane Messerschmitt Bf109. This aircraft was among the most important fighter planes in the Luftwaffe’s arsenal during World War II, and this specific aircraft saw live battle in Norway.

The museum’s Messerschmitt Bf109 G-2/R6 “Yellow 3” crashed into the ocean outside of Nærøy in Trøndelag on 24 March 1943, and it was raised in 2010 after spending 67 years at a depth of 67 metres.

The raising of the aircraft was a team effort by the Norwegian Aviation Museum, Bodø Aviation History Association (BLHF), Nærøy Aquaservice, the rescue vessel “Camilla” and Folla Dykkerklubb.


The Norwegian Aviation Museum and BLHF are performing the restoration and rebuilding work taking place in Bodø.

Work on Yellow 3 has been going on for several years. The restoration is now almost complete, and the aircraft will be implemented into the exhibit. If everything goes according to plan, the restoration should be completed in about a year.

The wings and tail section is undergoing restoration in Hungary. The rear fuselage is being rebuilt in Germany. A trade with the aviation museum at Sola also contributes to the completion of the project. In addition, parts and labour are traded with other aviation communities and museums all over the world.

A group of volunteers at MoMek in Mo i Rana have offered to restore the engine. The engine is a Daimler Benz V12, DB605, with 1475 bhp and a working volume of 35.7 litres.

We already have several restored parts from a Bf 109 G-2, which will be used to complete the Bf 109 “Yellow 3”.




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The wreck being salvaged after 67 years under water